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Could application to college be more stressful? Yes, yes it could when you are prompted to write an essay which will make or break your chances at ever going to your dream school...

Today, there are literally thousands of books and sources that will try to teach you how write good essay, but none of them is really of any use when you don't know what you are going to write about, or when you need help expressing and idea, or if you simply need someone to look over your essay and/or proofread it for you.

This community was established to offer college applicants that opportunity with a peer-to-peer essay review system.

Before you post your essay:
1. Be aware that when you post your whole essay, it is out there for anyone to see. Therefore we recommend that you make posts that contain your essay viewable to this community only.

2. You must realize though, that this community has open membership (although we will attempt to screen members every once in a while), and it is very well possible that someone may rip-off your ideas. Therefore we recommend that use this place to exchange ideas and find people who are willing to look over your material in private.

3. You are posting things at your own discretion, and should that jeopardize your application in anyway, this community is not at fault.

4. Do not rip-off other people's work. You can be assured that it will catch up to you.

5. Be rigorous when helping other people. Sometimes we all need a little critique to help us do better.

6. This commmunity is moderated.

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